SUNSCREEN, sunglasses, hats (baseball type for sun/rain and winter hats), Pogies, rowing clothes for both cold and hot weather, rain gear, running shoes – lots of socks!, street clothes swimsuit (optional if warm).

Pillow, sheets and blankets OR sleeping bag, towels, soap, shampoo, other toiletries, alarm clock.  There is WIFI Camp Bob.

There are laundry facilities, but you will need quarters for the washer/dryer.

Four meals are provided. The last meal is at 6:00 pm, and there is nothing provided for after dinner. If you are a night snacker you will either need to bring snacks or $ for snacks and keep them in your room. There is no refrigeration in the rooms.There is a computer room where you can do homework. Some of the computers have internet access.  A few trips to the local WalMart for some items that invariably get left behind, and there are some field trips during the summer overnight camps. There are also some extra activities that have nominal charges. However, no $ is needed for food if you take advantage of all the meals. We also take a trip into Charleston SC for an afternoon. You will need to have some cash for dinner there.

VCR videos (there is a TV with a VCR in the community room in the lodge where we are staying)