The focus of the 2017 fall season is to elevate the skill and fitness of Steel City Rowing Club athletes while building character, teamwork, and community relationships.


REGISTRATION TIME: Please follow the registration link to sign up for the program you will be participating in at Steel City Rowing club. Registration will open on Wednesday, August 9.


Returning rowers can skip the Roster Step 1 section and complete Step 2.

You may register for races at a later date.

New Rowers must complete the forms and waivers in Step 1.

Please mail to Steel City Rowing Club or bring paperwork on your first day of practice.  

This online registration is mandatory before you can attend practice.



There are no pre-season practices the week of August 14-18.


Monday, August 21 through Friday, August 25 4:00 – 6:00pm

Pre-season for the whole team (Levels 1, 2 and 3)

COSTS: $50.00 for the five days

Starting August 28, Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00 – 6:00pm

Regular fall season for all levels.                                                                                                         


Optional Practice/Make-up will be Saturdays   9:00 – 11:30am                                   



Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation of SCRC rowers.



New rowers must complete a swim test.
Further instructions and pool contact information are available on our SCRC website.
Rowing on the water is only permitted if swim test forms are completed.  



Level 1 (Recreational): Mon/Wed 4:00-6:00 pm

The goal of this program is to learn basic rowing skills and team building, be active, and enjoy the outdoors. This program is for those who would like to gain some fitness while enjoying the river without the current intention of racing. The recreational program involves eight-person and four-person boats, and may include some kayaking and canoeing on occasion. Level 1 Recreational is perfect for developing skills for lifelong fitness.  


Level 1 (Competitive): Mon/Wed 4:00-6:00 pm

This program differs slightly from the recreational program, as it is intended for those who are new to the sport, but have goals of racing. Level 1 Competitive offers a unique opportunity for those who would like an intro to the sport under the umbrella of a more intensive physical challenge. These rowers will participate in the same types of training exercises as the upper levels, with modifications as needed. This program is intended for those who plan on advancing through the levels, and it involves mixing with more advanced rowers as the coaches see fit. Level 1s are highly encouraged to participate in our end of the season team scrimmage. This level mostly applies to middle school students.


Level 2: Mon-Thurs 4:00-6:00 pm, Optional Sat 9:00-11:30 am

Level 2 is a fantastic stepping stone of commitment for a wide variety of rowers, whether new to the sport or experienced. These rowers attend 4-5 days per week, transitioning from novice to advanced rowers through plenty of in depth skill development and fitness training. With the goal of racing in mind, these athletes often combine with Level 3 when they show enough advancement. Level 2 rowers are expected to attend at least one race during the season and may be encouraged to do more. This level mostly applies to middle school students.


Level 3: Mon-Fri 4:00-6:00 pm, Sat 9:00-11:30 am, Tues/Thurs 5:15-7:00 am (invite only)

This program requires the most intensive dedication to the sport and competitive racing. Level 3 rowers attend practice at least 6 times per week, and the training is rigorous. Practices are highly technical and require a great deal of physical fitness. Athletes will mix with more advanced Level 2 rowers. Attendance at races is expected, and extra practices are encouraged. Early morning additional practices from 5:15 am - 7:00 am may be recommended for upper level rowers in this category (must be approved by a coach due to safety precautions).



Level 1 $375 Mondays/Wednesdays Saturdays: Optional/Make Up
Level 2 $475 Mondays to Thursdays Saturdays: Optional/Make Up
Level 3 $575 Mondays to Fridays Saturdays: Mandatory

Payments must be received by September 7th,2017. Payments must be made online through Steel City Rowing Club. Checks and Cash will no longer be accepted



Head of the Welland: September 23 in Wellend, Ontario, Canada (No novice rowers. Since this is an international event, rowers should have passports ready in advance)
Head of the Ohio: October 7-8 in Pittsburgh, PA
Head of the Schuylkill: October 28-29 in Philadelphia, PA
Head of the Occoquan: November 4-5 in Occoquan, VA
Steel City Scrimmage: Date TBD at Steel City Boathouse

Prices for the race will be posted by August 21st.


ATTENDANCE POLICY  (Applicable for Levels 2 and 3):


Having this attendance policy is important for a variety of reasons. It is very difficult and time consuming for coaches to make arrangements for boats, and if one person is missing, it sets off a chain reaction that wastes a lot of water time for everyone. This is also good practice in accountability and sportsmanship. Rowing is the ultimate team sport; if someone in one boat does not show up when they are supposed to, it affects the whole team in some capacity.


If you cannot attend your scheduled practice for any reason, you must take the following steps:

1) Email:

2) Use the following format:

Email title: “(Insert your full name here) absent (Insert date or dates here mm/dd/yy)”

Email content: If you would like to leave an explanation, you may, but that is optional. The important part is your full name and dates absent in the TITLE LINE of the email.

3) Do this NO LATER THAN 1 pm the day of practice. Emails after 1 pm will bounce back. You may email earlier if you follow the above format. If you email later than 1 pm, your boat will likely be on land if lineups were already posted.

4) If something comes up after the deadline, you may call the office (412) 828-5565. Please keep this to an emergency only method. “I forgot to email” will not suffice. Text messages will no longer be accepted.


If anyone fails to follow the attendance policy, the boat with the missing person will not go out on the water (the whole group may also have to stay on land depending on the staffing situation). There will be no more exceptions. This is not a punishment, but rather a logistical necessity. Coaches do not have time to rearrange groups every time someone is missing. Please follow the attendance policy carefully.




Zachary Petronic (Level 2/3 Men): Zach is a two-time national team member, having competed in the 2013 and 2015 World University Games in the Men’s 8+ and the 1x respectively. He began rowing in 2006 at North Allegheny High School, and has since rowed under PRC, Pitt, and Steel City Open Elites. Previously, Zach served as the Head Coach for Pine Richland High School and an Assistant Coach for Pittsburgh Rowing Club. Zach continues to train and participates in national camps and trials, always expanding his skills and knowledge base.


Lauren Schall (Level 2/3 Women): Lauren Schall is the coach of the Varsity Women at the University of Pittsburgh and Varsity Girls coach for the Steel City Rowing Club Juniors. She has rowed under multiple national caliber coaches with Pitt, Vesper Boat Club's U23 squad, and Steel City Open Elites. Over the past 6 years, she earned gold in the Women's 2- at collegiate nationals, golds in the Women's 8+ and 4+ at US Rowing Club Nationals, and second in the Senior 4- and 8+ at the Royal Canadian Henley. During her coaching career, she has doubled the size of Pitt's Women's program, and led the Steel City Juniors to many medals. Lauren looks forward to continuing to grow with Steel City for seasons to come.


Drew Armstrong (Level 2): Drew Armstrong is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh where he studies Rehabilitation Sciences and Korean. He rowed with Pitt for two years and participated in Steel City Rowing Club’s open rowing program. He has also coached the summer Wildlife Camps and Learn to Row programs at the club. Drew is very excited to share his knowledge with new and eager rowers for the upcoming year.


Miriam Blumenthal (Level 1 Competitive): Miriam Blumenthal is a rower at the University of Pittsburgh where she is a junior studying economics and statistics.  Miriam has been rowing for six years – four years at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Bethesda, MD, and two years at the University of Pittsburgh. After a successful high school rowing career, she could not wait to row in college as well.  Now, she is excited to be on both sides of the megaphone by coaching here at Steel City, as she did last spring.


Patty McAuliffe (Level 1 Recreational): Patty works with 2 & 3 year olds at the Riverview Children's Center in Verona.  She came to Steel City in 1997 and then worked with the youth camps and rows with the adult rowers.  Patty is a certified Level III Coach and also holds certifications in CPR and First Aid.  She enjoys reading and container gardening on her deck.


Ladislau Tompa (Director of Rowing, Boatman): Overseeing the rowing programs, managing the boathouse, and coaching novice rowers, Laci is acting as the Director of Rowing and Boatman for SCRC. He founded the club in 1997 and rowed on the Romanian National Team from 1982 – 1986. He has more than 33 years of rowing and coaching experience. His experience in rowing technique and training methods has guided numerous SCRC juniors to the USRowing Youth Nationals earning seven sculling championships from 1999 until 2009. Ladislau has also served 10 times as a US Junior National Team sculling coach earning a 4th place finish in the 2009 Men’s Junior 1x.




Darla Jackson Executive Director 412.607.5748
Laci Tompa Director of Rowing
Kanoan Sherwood Business Manager
Lucy Tuttle-Smith Adult Coach/Coordinator  
Zach Petronic Level 2/3 Men’s Coach
Lauren Schall Level2/3 Women’s Coach
Drew Armstrong Level 2 Coach
Miriam Blumenthal Level 1 Competitive Coach
Patty McAuliffe Level 1 Recreational Coach




Bring A Friend to Rowing Day is Saturday, September 9, from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

Steel City Rowing Club is turning 20! Join us and celebrate on Saturday, September 30.           

We will keep you informed of the details.


We are looking forward to an eventful fall season of rowing!