Steps to Roster

1.) Obtain a USRowing membership and sign the USRowing waiver ($7.75 fee)  online.

  • Click on individual, join option.

  • At the club prompt enter and select Steel City Rowing Club.

  • At the code prompt enter XVABA.

  • Select the basic membership ($7.75).

  • Record or print out your MEMBER NUMBER ; it is required for Steel City's online information form.

2.) Complete and submit the online information form found by clicking the button below.

You will only have to complete this form one time while rowing at Steel City.

3.) Print, complete, and submit the following Six paper forms. 

A swim test is required and your school may have a team test scheduled or you can complete the test individually at a local pool. You may turn in the forms to a designated school representative or Steel City.  The Paddlesport Waiver and Health Information & Authorization Form must be renewed yearly; the other forms are one time only.  You will not be allowed to practice or ride in our vans until these forms are submitted.


4.) Thank you for joining the Steel City Rowing Club roster.  Please close this tab and register for the season and races.