Head of the Ohio 2015 - October 3rd - Masters

What a spectacular day!!  The racing, not the weather!!  

Mens Open 2x
Tom Charley & Zach Petronic  - Gold

Mens Masters 1x
Al Kepner - Silver

Mens Open 1x
Zach Petronic - Gold
Tom Charley - Bronze

Mixed Masters 4x D-F
Lynn Biery, Al Kepner, Stan Mamula & Karla Eisenberg - Silver

Mixed Masters 2x
Megan Gold & Mike Gold - Silver

Womens Masters 4x
Maggie Charley, Ingrid O'Toole, Janice Bryant & Laura Myers - Gold
Erin Cawley, Liz Bryant, Martha Martel & Chris Tesla - Silver

Womens Masters 2x AA-D
Liz Bryant & Suzanne Madamma - Gold
Megan Gold & Karla Eisenberg - Silver
Ingrid O'Toole & Chris Tesla - Bronze