Head of the Ohio 2015 - October 4th - Juniors

Womens Youth 4x
Ria Bazaz, Julia Bulova, Julianna Freeman & Ayanna Townsend - Gold

Womens Youth 2x
Julia Johnson & Ellie Fetting - Gold
Sarah Scheid & Elizabeth Woodwell - Silver

Womens Youth Novice 1x
Abigail Hong - Gold

Mens Youth Novice 1x
Seth Merryman - Gold
Jonathan Hansen-Kemp - Silver

Mens Youth 2x
Ben Chetlin & Wesley Fox - Gold

Womens Youth Novice 2x
Genevieve Kindelberger & Addison Grieco - Bronze

Mens Youth 1x
Ben Akers - Gold
Ilya Deynega - Silver

Womens Youth Novice 4+
Nicole Jani, Mary Lau, Leyla Krackow, Rachel Winterhalter & Catalina Jegasothy (Cox) - Bronze

Womens Youth 1x
Sarah Scheid - Gold
Ellie Fetting - Bronze






Head of the Ohio 2015 - October 3rd - Masters

What a spectacular day!!  The racing, not the weather!!  

Mens Open 2x
Tom Charley & Zach Petronic  - Gold

Mens Masters 1x
Al Kepner - Silver

Mens Open 1x
Zach Petronic - Gold
Tom Charley - Bronze

Mixed Masters 4x D-F
Lynn Biery, Al Kepner, Stan Mamula & Karla Eisenberg - Silver

Mixed Masters 2x
Megan Gold & Mike Gold - Silver

Womens Masters 4x
Maggie Charley, Ingrid O'Toole, Janice Bryant & Laura Myers - Gold
Erin Cawley, Liz Bryant, Martha Martel & Chris Tesla - Silver

Womens Masters 2x AA-D
Liz Bryant & Suzanne Madamma - Gold
Megan Gold & Karla Eisenberg - Silver
Ingrid O'Toole & Chris Tesla - Bronze


Head of the Cuyahoga 2015

Well done team!!!

Women's Junior 1X
Ellie Fetting - Gold

Womens Masters 1x (D-F+)
Karla Isenberg - Silver

Men's Open 1X
Zach Petronic - Gold

Men's Junior 2X
Ben Akers - Silver

Women's Junior 2X
Ellie Fetting & Lynne Irvin - Gold
Julia Johnson & Elizabeth Woodwell - Bronze

Men's Junior 2X
Ben Chetlin & Wesley Fox - Gold

Men's Open 2X
Zach Petronic & Michael Coholic - Gold
Mike Bowman & Al Kepner - Silver

Women's Open 2X
Karla Eisenberg & Megan Gold - Silver






Pittsburgh Indoor Sprints Saturday, January 31, 2015

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!   I am so pleased with every one's results and participation. Despite having  numerous athletes with injuries that could not participate, we still had a fabulous showing.  Thank you to the coaches that supported the athletes at the event.  


Ltwt Veteran Masters Men (50-59)

Veteran Masters Men B (60+)
M. Bowman SILVER
A. Kepner 4th

 Senior Masters Women (40-49)
K. Isenberg GOLD
I. Gomez-O'Toole 4th

Veteran Masters Women A (50-59)
L. Biery 5th

 Ltwt Veteran Masters Women A (50-59)
M. Gold GOLD

 Veteran Masters Women B (60+)
M. Charley GOLD

 Masters Women (30-39)
L. Myers 4th

 Womens Masters (1000 meters)
M. Lewandowski BRONZE
B. Johnson 6th
D. Lanzo 7th
J. Bryant 8th

Mens Masters (1000 meters)
J. Stehle GOLD
S. Mamula SILVER

 Open Men
T. Charley SILVER

Open Mixed 6-Person Relay
Steel City Rowing Club 7th
Steel City Rowing Club 16th

 Steel City Rowing Club Juniors

Youth Novice Boys
S. Merryman 10th

 High School JV (9-11) Girls
E. Woodwell 4th

 Ltwt High School Senior Girls
S. Bowman SILVER

Shady Side Academy

High School JV (9-11) Girls
S. Scheid GOLD

Ltwt High School JV (9-11) Boys
B. Chetlin BRONZE

Winchester Thurston School

Ltwt Youth Novice Girls
K. Karagyozova 6th
C. Mazur 7th
L. Irvin 8th
S. Blelloch scratch

Ltwt High School JV (9-11) Boys
I. Deynega 8th
W. Fox 9th
B. Akers 18th