If you are not sure which races are right for you, talk to your coaches.  The costs listed for each race are estimated based on costs incurred in prior years.  Costs include: race entry fees, administrative time, coaching, team travel, team lodging expenses, tent parent travel and lodging, trailer expense, and equipment insurance. Every effort is made to keep costs to a minimum.  Race costs per person are lower if there are more participants!  After each race, expenses are compiled and divided by the number of participants.  If the estimate is over or under by more than $15/race per person the difference will be billed or credited.  Host clubs may change dates or cancel races due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather.  If SCRC as a club chooses not to participate in a race for any reason, you will be refunded the payment made for that race.  If an individual rower chooses not to participate after committing to a race via this registration, no refund will be made, a $50 fee will be charged, and the rower will be responsible for any scratch fees incurred.  Questions can be answered at the April 4th coaches meeting at 6pm or by contacting Danielle at the office.

Sunday, April 30: Cooper Cup,  Camden, NJ
Sunday, May 7: John Bennett Regatta - Buffalo, NY
Sat-Sun,May 20-21: Midwest Junior Rowing Championship - Bethel, OH
May 27: Interclub Scrimmage, Home
June 9-11: USRowing Youth National Championships, Sarasota FL

Registration Deadline for ALL RACES and SCRIMMAGES is Wednesday, April 5th

Please select the races/scrimmages you will attend. Following submission you will be prompted to pay by check or online. If paying online a convenience fee will be added.  If paying by check, payment must be mailed in or dropped off at the boathouse.  Payment is due in full one week before each race.  

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John Bennet Regatta
Cost: $300. A convenience fee is added if paying online. Level 3 and Level 2 with Coach's permission.
Midwest Junior Rowing Championship
Cost: $375. A convenience fee is added if paying online. Levels 2 and 3. Level 1 with Coach's permission.
Interclub Scrimmage
Cost: $40. A convenience fee is added if paying online. Open to all levels.

The Cooper Cup Registration went out last week and it already past due. Youth Nationals participation depends upon performance at the Midwest Regional Championship. 

If paying by check, please make it out to Steel City Rowing Club and mail it to 101 Arch Street, Verona, PA 15147 or deliver it to the black mailbox across from the office on the second floor of the boathouse.

If paying online click below: