June 9, 2018


Dear Steel City Rowing Club,


Steel City Rowing Club is ready to announce a new Executive Director and Head Coach. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Steel City Rowing Club has filled the positions of Executive Director and Head Coach. After a long and deliberate search, earlier this week SCRC made offers to Sarah Humphrey for the position of Executive Director and to Amy Messersmith for the position of Head Coach. Both have accepted the offers and will begin their tenure with SCRC in June and July respectively.

This has been a lengthy process, as SCRC initially said that it would like to have roles filled by the start of spring. More importantly, finding the best possible candidates and leadership for SCRC were priorities. Internal staff and the Board of Directors analyzed the candidates and what they could offer SCRC and determined that it was time to bring in new and dynamic leadership. Sarah and Amy align with the vision and mission of SCRC and will strive to maintain the culture and identity of SCRC that has led to so much success in the past.

Sarah came to SCRC in October in the mist some abrupt departures and immediately worked to develop a rapport with staff and athletes during a very difficult time. She spent time becoming familiar with athletic administrators, adult rowers, and working to add new schools to the club. With the mentorship and direction of co-founder Dori Tompa and assistance from seasoned staff and volunteers, Sarah has worked to apply her executive experience in private business and knowledge of rowing to the role of executive of SCRC.

Amy has been coaching since 2001 after rowing competitively with Binghamton University in NY. She has coached juniors, collegiate rowers and masters. Most recently she has worked with Shipley High School in Philadelphia and with Team Concepts leadership training as one of their rowing coaches. Amy is in the second year of her Master of Science in Sport Coaching Leadership from Drexel University and has her personal training certification through ACE fitness, both of which ultimately serve to help her improve the experiences of the athletes and the coaches. Her background includes a Master of Education and in Spanish.

Amy has coached and rowed in many places, including Atlanta, Austin, Philadelphia and Seville, Spain. She hopes to add rowing venues whether she is competing, coaching, serving as a USRowing Referee, traveling with Steel City crews, or building a new one in Verona. Her interests in the sport lie in personal and professional development, motivation, recruitment and alumni relations. Amy is an active member of her college alumni organization that financially supports the current team and gathers for reunion rowing, such as The Charles in Boston. She encourages everyone to give back in some way to the sport that changes their life. Her values revolve around gratefulness, curiosity, learning and integrity as they lead towards working on a high-performance team.

The Board of Directors was also made aware that June 19, 2018 will be Laci's last day as the club's Boatman. Lucy will shift into the role on June 20, 2018 and take over the responsibilities of Boatman of SCRC while maintaining her marketing duties to SCRC. Most of the behind the scenes details of coaching and making sure that all vessels and vital equipment were water and travel ready have been because Laci made them a priority. As a co-founder, a coach and boatman his expertise in rowing is indispensable. Lucy has gained has the experience working alongside Laci and driving the trailer to step right in to help ensure that SCRC has the support that it needs.

Dori notified the board that her last day as IED will be June 19, 2018. The board is thankful to Dori for her leadership and dedication at a critical time for our club. She stepped in to coach and to serve as the Interim Executive Director when the position suddenly became vacant and the club needed immediate support. As a co-founder, she was instrumental in the creation the club that SCRC is today. Her more than twenty years of experience coaching, leading the day to day operations of the club and development of the camps and programs have proven to be invaluable. Dori has offered to help transition everyone into their new roles and support SCRC staff as needed.

Near the end of the summer, Andrew will spend less time with SCRC as he continues his educational endeavors. He will remain with the board and coach as he is available. He adjusted his professional schedule to step in as the Head Coach and SCRC is very grateful for all that he has done. The Board of Directors would like to thank all members, staff, and supporters for your patience during this process and ask that you help welcome Amy to SCRC and congratulate Sarah as she moves into new leadership.


Board of Directors,
Steel City Rowing Club