ATTENDANCE POLICY   (Applicable for Levels 2 and 3):

Having this attendance policy is important for a variety of reasons. It is very difficult and time consuming for coaches to make arrangements for boats, and if one person is missing, it sets off a chain reaction that wastes a lot of water time for everyone. This is also good practice in accountability and sportsmanship. Rowing is the ultimate team sport; if someone in one boat does not show up when they are supposed to, it affects the whole team in some capacity.


If you cannot attend your scheduled practice for any reason, you must take the following steps:

1) Email: NO LATER THAN 1 pm the day of practice.

2) Email content: Explanation optional. The important part is rower’s full name and dates absent in the SUBJECT LINE of the email.

3) If something comes up after the deadline, you may call the office (412) 828-5565. Please keep this to an emergency only method. “I forgot to email” will not suffice.


If anyone fails to follow the attendance policy, the boat with the missing person will not go out on the water (the whole group may also have to stay on land depending on the staffing situation). There will be no more exceptions. This is not a punishment, but rather a logistical necessity. Coaches do not have time to rearrange groups every time someone is missing. Please follow the attendance policy carefully.