• Online forms must be completed by the first day of participation either in pre-season (if appl.) or regular season.  After first day of regular season, a $50 late fee applies.
  • Seasonal fees are due and non-refundable after first day of regular season.
  • Practice times: Afternoon practices are 4-5:30 PM (INDOOR) or 4-6 PM (OUTDOOR), Monday and Wednesday mornings are 5:30-7 AM, and Saturday practice is 9-11 AM.  Competitive and High Performance rowers may be asked to row from 7-9 AM on Saturdays.
  • Late payments — Rowers will not be allowed to participate if account is not up to date. Families will receive an email from our office manager if we have not received online registration by the first date of regular season AND payment at that time. Rowers will be held back from participating starting the second day of regular season if accounts are still delinquent.
  • Memberships below include coaching at practices, equipment and facility use at Steel City Rowing Club during scheduled practice times.  Memberships below do not include personalized training schedules for practices outside of regularly scheduled practices, except for High Performance on an as need basis.
  • Limited needs-based Rowing Scholarships are available. Please contact Stan Wetschler, SCRC Board Member, at 724-316-6223 or email to receive forms. Scholarship Forms are due one week before the start of regular season.
  • All Juniors must review the Attendance Policy and Contract.

  • Every effort is made to keep costs to a minimum.  Race costs per person are lower if there are more participants. The costs listed for each race are an estimate. If the estimate is under the actual cost, you will receive a bill for the difference.  If the actual cost is less than the estimate, you will receive a refund (or credit) for the difference.
  • Junior-level races will be entered solely at the discretion of the Steel City coaching staff. Only those who are enrolled in the spring membership may participate in the spring races. Rowers will be accompanied, in all cases, by Steel City coaching staff.  Expenses plus overhead associated with the race includes the cost of the Coaching Staff as outlined below.

Race fees are to be paid to:

Attention:Joanne Cope

 Steel City Rowing Club

101 Arch Street, Verona, PA 15147

*Race fees are non-refundable.

  • Race fees: All fees associated with a race are compiled and divided by the number of participants. The estimate is based on costs incurred in prior years.  An estimate is determined and is included with the membership forms.  If the estimate is over or under by more than $15/race the difference will be billed or reimbursed. The cost associated with a race include: race entry fees, coaching and coach's expenses (ex. travel, hotel, etc), Tent Parent hotel expenses, trailer expense, meals and snacks at the tent at the race, athlete hotel expense, administration and coordination of the event and race entries, equipment insurance mandated by Steel City’s Board to cover the cost of equipment damage. Administration time increases when forms are not turned in on time or not filled out correctly.  Questions can be answered at team meetings (attendance is required).
  • For out of town races, team members are required to travel with the team as assigned by the coaches and remain with the team at all times. Attendance at all team meetings is mandatory
  • Team members must remain in coach designated hotel rooms, adhere to SCRC rules as per SCRC Junior Contract.  Consequences of not following the rules will be as spelled out in the contract.
  • Team members are required to stay with the team at all times while at the regatta site. Athletes are not allowed to leave the site.