Steel City offers a variety of programs for students aged 12 to 18 (junior rowers).  We welcome students from any school in the area.  Some local schools offer crew through Steel City as a varsity sport, club sport, or physical education class.  Contact your Athletic Director for more information if your school has a rowing program.  If your school does not have a rowing program, no problem! You may learn to row at Steel City, participate in any of our rowing programs, and become part of the highly respected Steel City Juniors Team.

Why Row?

  1. Teamwork, self-discipline, physical fitness, and mental focus are integral to rowing. You will grow in all of these areas.

  2. Rowing is a low impact, non-contact sport.

  3. College scholarships are offered to a higher percentage of rowers than any other sport.

  4. Rowing is FUN!

Learn to Row

Middle School and High School students ages 12 and up are welcome!  Come tour the boathouse, meet the coaches, check out the ergs, the boats, the oars and find out why we love to row!! 

Free Intro to Rowing

This is your chance to come get an overview of rowing. The class begins on our indoor rowing machines with a crash course on the rowing stroke, and concludes with a brief equipment tour & handling orientation.  This class is scheduled intermittently throughout the year. You can register for Learn to Row classes whether or not you have attended a Free Intro.  The Free Intro class is usually held on a Saturday at 11am and lasts for about an hour.  Call if you have any questions or want more information. Check out our FREE INTRO TO ROWING page for more information.

Learn To Row Program

This program is open to those who want to learn the basic skills of rowing.  Learn to Row is for students who have no experience rowing. Everyone must start through one of our Learn to Row programs, unless otherwise approved by the SCRC coaching staff.  The Learn to Row program consists of session with six to eight classes within a session. Sessions are scheduled intermittently in the spring and fall. In the summer Learn to Rows run weekly in a summer camp format. Click below for information and registration for summer Learn to Row camps.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Programs

Level 1 (Rowing 101): Rowers can be new or have experience. This program is geared towards the FUNdamentals of the sport and takes an experiential approach to learning. The goal of this program is to teach the basics of the stroke in a fun environment and with low commitment for new rowers. Practices are Monday & Wednesday 4-6pm and optional Sat 9am.

Level 2: Rowers can be new or have experience. This program is for those looking to improve their skills, get more experience in different sized boats, and begin competing. The goal of this program is to begin developing athletes in a supportive and flexible environment. Practices are M-Th 4-6pm and make-up day Sat 9am.

Level 3: Rowers must have experience.  The goal of this program is to give athletes the training and skills needed to race competitively at Regional and National Championships. Practices are M-F 4-6pm and Sat 9am.

Please call our office for more details: 412-828-5565.

Summer Programs



About Steel City Rowing Club

*SCRC’s coaching prepares its rowers to succeed.  Many of them are national and international champions, with gold medals at national and international events.  SCRC youth rowers represented the U.S.A. in Bulgaria 1999, Germany 2001, Lithuania 2002, Greece 2003, Spain 2004, Germany 2005, the Netherlands in 2006, China in 2007 and France in 2009.

* SCRC Rowing Club is known by college coaches as one of the best places in the U.S. for the preparation of top-notch rowers.  In just the past few years over 40 high school rowers at SCRC have earned college scholarships and entry to very competitive schools because of rowing. Among the many colleges that have recruited our students are these: Harvard University, Bates College, Brown University, Princeton University, Tulane University, SMU, Stanford University, Rutgers University, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, Boston University, Cornell University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania. The value of the scholarships they earned exceeds $1.5 million.

* SCRC runs summer programs where children and youth have the opportunity to learn the self-discipline, teamwork, and community service that are integral to rowing.

* SCRC is an organization that advances the ethos of community service through volunteer work. Since our inception, we have enlisted over 200 volunteers providing hundreds of volunteer hours for our communities.