FREE INTRO to Rowing

Ages 12 to 99

This is your chance to come get an introduction to the sport of rowing! The class begins on our indoor rowing machines with a crash course on the rowing stroke, and concludes with a brief equipment tour & handling orientation.

This class is scheduled intermittently throughout the year. You can register for Learn to Row classes whether or not you have attended a Free Intro.

2019 Free Intro Dates:

February 16  -  11 am

March 9  -  11 am

April 20 - 11 am

June 1  - 9 am

July 20  -  9 am

August 31 - 9 am

CANCELLED: October 19 - 11 am

Classes are held at the Steel City Rowing Club Boathouse, 101 Arch St., Verona, PA.


(Steel City Rowing Reserves the right to change the date and/or time of a session)