The Henley Camp

stay tuned for 2020 camp dates

Residential Campers - $3,650.00

Day Campers - $2,400.00

If paying the full cost at once isn't possible, you can make a small deposit at the time of registration.

Campers who stayed with us last year are entitled to a 15% discount. E-mail for verification.

About the camp

Steel City Rowing’s Henley camp is focused on achieving a high level of success at The Royal Canadian Henley. The practices are rigorous. During training, rowers will have the opportunity to refine their technique both in sculling and sweep boats, while building strength and endurance in preparation for the race.  Our world-class LEED certified facility is located on a peaceful 6 mile stretch of the Allegheny River.

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Athletes hone their technical skills with on the water training and  detailed feedback. In addition to on-the-water skill development there are video review and feedback sessions that further deepen athletes' understanding of the rowing technique and their own stroke. The land training sessions of the camp include strength training, erg skill and speed development. Information sessions on the nutritional and psychological needs of athletes to support susccessful training. 

We require at least 1 year of rowing experience, and that all participants adhere to the tenets of the Steel City Rowing Contract


Departure Monday, August 12th: Check out 10:00am
       Breakfast at 8:00, Check out: 10:00am 

Departures by Air: Pittsburgh International Airport: Campers should plan their flights for after 1:00pm. Our shuttle will leave the Boathouse at 10:00am

Departure by Car: Parents should plan to pick up their camper at 10:00am from the Boathouse or at the conclusion of trailer loading at the regatta course.

2019’s schedule

Arrival on Sunday, July 14th : Check-in 4:00pm

Arrivals by Air: Pittsburgh International Airport: Campers should plan to arrive at the airport between 11:00am and 3:00pm to catch the camp shuttle to the Steel City Boathouse. 

Arrivals by Car: Check-in: 4:00pm, Dinner: 6:00pm: Those traveling by car should plan to arrive at the boathouse between 4:00pm and 6pm


Typical Camp Week

Wednesday - Friday - Saturday

6:30 AM - Cold Breakfast Available

7:00 AM - Row & Land Practice

10:00 AM - Hot Brunch & Discussion

2:00 PM - Afternoon Off or Scheduled Activity

6:00 PM -  Dinner

9:30 PM - Lights Out

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday

6:30 AM - Cold Breakfast Available

7:00 AM - Row & Land Practice

10:00 AM - Hot Brunch & Discussion

11:30 AM - Row & Core Training

4:00 PM - Row or Land Practice

6:00 PM - Dinner

9:30 PM - Lights Out

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What to Bring

  • Mattress pad

  • Sheets & blankets or sleeping bag

  • Pillows & towels

  • Soap, shampoo, toiletries

  • Quarters for the laundromat

  • Sunscreen, water bottles, sunglasses, running shoes

  • Snacks

  • Clothes for both practice and non-rowing activities


Safety is the primary concern of Steel City Rowing Club. We take every possible measure to ensure that everyone enjoys their time on the water. All campers wear personal flotation devices as required by State Law and Club policy. In addition, river and weather conditions are closely monitored by our experienced counselors.

Steel City Rowing Club reserves the right to cancel this camp or change dates due to lack of registrations. Advanced notice will be given if minimums are not met, and refunds will be given to anyone who'd already made a payment.
*Discount cannot be combined with other discounts or gift certificates)