2016 Midwest Junior Championships

Ellis: The Ellis School

FR: Franklin Regional

SSA: Shady Side Academy

WT: Winchester Thurston

(any other schools are those in the SCRC program)

  • Abby Hong (Ellis 9th grade) and Lynne Irvin (WT 10th grade) raced the 1st Varsity 2x:  5th in heat (8:46.7) 

  • Wes Fox (WT 12th grade) and Ben Akers (WT 12th grade) raced the 1st Varsity 2x: 1st in heat (7:20.1)  ... 3rd in Final (7:23.6) 

  • Julia Bulova (WT 10th grade) and Addison Grieco (SCRC 10th grade) raced the 2nd Varsity 2x: 5th in final (9:18.9)

  • Jacob Hopeman (SSA 10th grade) and Hunter Mahon (SCRC 10th grade) raced in the 2nd Varsity 2x: 4th in Heat (8:15.5) ... 7th in Final (8:22.6) 

  • Nate Kurzawa (WT 11th grade) and Jonathan Hansen-Kemp (WT 10th grade) raced in the 2nd Varsity 2x: 3rd in Heat (8:04.3) ... 5th in Final (8:09.5) 

  • Izzi Scragg (SSA 9th grade), Jackie Kim (SSA 10th grade), Julia Novak (FR 10th grade), and Audrey Lyda (Ellis 7th grade) raced in the Novice 4x: 3rd in Heat (8:18.3) 

  • Lauren Hollingsead (SSA 10th grade), Charlotte Everett (SSA 10th grade), Jocelyn Taddonio (FR 11th grade), and Erica Kolson (FR 11th grade) raced in the 2nd Varsity 2x: 5th in Final (9:20.0) 

  • Nate Kurzawa, Jake Hopeman, Jonathan Hansen-Kemp, and Hudson Szweda (SCRC 11th grade) raced in the 2nd Varsity 4x: 1st in Final (7:12.3) 

  • Jacob Dubner (WT 11th grade) and Michael DeGregorio (SSA 10th grade) raced in the Lightweight Varsity 2x: 4th in Heat (7:26.3) ... 4th in Final (7:56.9) 

  • Izzi Scrag raced the Varsity 1x: 5th in Heat (10:10.5) 

  • Jacob Dubner raced the Varsity 1x: 15th in time trial (8:03.9) 

  • Hudson Szweda raced the varsity 1x: 18th in time trial (8:18.9) 

  • Addison Grieco, Julia Bulova, Lynne Irvin, and Abby Hong raced the 1st Varsity 4x: 4th in Heat (8:17.3) 

  • Michael DeGregorio, Hunter Mahon, Wes Fox, and Ben Akers raced the 1st Varsity 4x: 1st in Heat (6:53.5) ...1st in Final (7:26.5) 

  • Erica Kolson and Jocelyn Taddonio raced the Novice 2x: 7th in Heat (11:18.4) 

  • Julia Novak and Audry Lyda raced the Novice 2x: 1st in Heat (8:45.3) ...2nd in Final (9:43.3) 

  • Jackie Kim and Charlotte Everett raced the Novice 2x: 2nd in Heat (10:25.1) ...7th in Final (11:39.3) 


    Pictures are available courtesy of Bill Fox. The pictures from the race can be found on our shutterfly page at this link: https://scrcphotosfor2015.shutterfly.com/pictures/5238.  


    Thank you to all the parents that attended and supported our athletes. We appreciate all the support you give our organization. Congratulations once again to the racers! Job well done! 


    2016 John Bennett Regatta


    Ben Akers and Wes Fox

    The results from the time trials are as follows: 

  • Women's LWT Four - (Julia Bulova, Julia Novak, Leila Skinner, Addison Grieco, and Izzi Scragg) Finished 8th with a time of 6:39.98

  • Men's Varsity Quad - Finished 1st with a time of 5:16.96

  • Women's Varsity Double - Leila Skinner and Addison Grieco finished 8th with a time of 7:02.68  /  Julia Novak and Julia Bulova finished 7th with a time of 7:02.31

  • Men's Varsity Double - Ben and Wes finished 1st with a time of 5:47.35  /  Michael and Hudson finished 6th with a time of 6:17.83  /  Hunter and Jake Hopeman finished 9th with a time of 6:39.38

  • Women's Varsity Quad - finished 5th with a time of 6:54.95

    The Men's A Double and the Quad advanced to the finals due to their success in the time trials. The both received FIRST PLACE in finals! 

  • Quad - Ben, Michael, Hunter, and Wes - Time: 5:09.7

  • Double - Ben and Wes - Time: 5:33.1

    Full results can be found on Regatta Central's website at this link:  https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/results.jsp?job_id=4413 




    Head of the Welland-Five Bridges Fall Classic 2016

    For complete results Go to Regatta Central HERE

    Gold    Women's Jr 4x    Abby Hong, Audrey Lyda, Lynne Irvin, Julia Novak

    Gold    Mixed Master's 2x      Zac Petronic and Lauren Schall

    Silver   Women's Jr Novice 1x     Toni Dumitiu

    Top 22%  Women's Jr 2x       Abby Hong, Audrey Lyda

    Top 32%   Men's Jr 2x        Michael DeGregorio and Hunter Mahon

    Top 40%  Women's Jr 2x     Lynne Irvin and Julia Novak

    Top 40%  Men's Jr 1x        Michael DeGregorio



    Congratulations to ALL our rowers!  Great showing at the 2016 Head of the Schuylkill Regatta.

    20A. Jim Barker Mens High School 1x (Varsity)
    30 - M. DeGregorio

    20B. Jim Barker Mens High School 1x (JV)
    9 - H. Mahon
    18 - B. Gray

    20C. Jim Barker Womens High School (Varsity)
    14 - J. Novak

    20D. Jim Barker Womens High School (JV)
    4 - A. Hong
    5 - A. Lyda

    20E. Jim Barker Mens High School Singles (Frosh/Novice)
    6 - D. Scheatzle

    20F. Jim Barker Womens High School Singles (Frosh/Novice)
    8 - T. Dumitriu

    25A. Mixed Championship Doubles
    5 - Z. Petronic/L. Schall  

    26A. Mens High School Quads (Varsity)
    22 - J. Hopeman

    26C. Womens High School Quads (Varsity)
    18 - J. Bulova

    28A. Mens High School Doubles (Varsity)
    24 - S. Lieberman/ N.Kurzawa

    28B. Mens High School Doubles (JV)
    3 - M. DeGregorio/ H. Mahon
    7 - J. Hopeman/ H. Szweda
    10 - D. Scheatzle/ S. Merryman

    28C. Womens High School Doubles (Varsity)
    17 - L. Skinner/ A. Grieco

    28D. Womens High School Doubles (JV)
    1 - A. Hong/ A. Lyda
    7 - J. Novak/ J. Bulova


    2016 HEAD OF THE OCCOQUAN, Nov. 5-6, 2016

    3 - M. DeGregorio

    01H. MEN'S YOUTH 1X
    1 - H. Mahon
    3 - N. Kurzawa
    4 - H. Szweda
    5 -  S. Lieberman  

    01I. MEN'S NOVICE 1X
    1 - D. Sheatzle

    1 - A. Lyda
    4 - J. Novak
    5 - A. Hong
    8 - J. Bulova

    05D. WOMEN'S MASTER 2X (50+)
    5 - M. Gold, K. Isenberg
    6 - C. Tesla, L. McShea

    09A. MIXED 2X
    1 - Z. Petronic, L. Schall
    3 - M. DeGregorio, A. Hong

    15 - I. Scragg, Lara Pietz, , Adylade Krimmel, Riley Pottinger, Olivia Sobkowiak, Audrey Lyda, Claire Hughes, Lela Krackow, Maggie Ginter-Frankovitch

    12A. MEN'S CLUB 2X
    5 - N. Kurzawa, S. Lieberman

    4 - L. Skinner, A. Grieco

    13B. WOMEN'S CLUB 2X
    3 - J. Bulova, J. Novak

    11 - A. Hong, M. DeGregorio, H. Mahon, J. Hopeman, H. Szweda

    17A. MEN'S 4x
    6 - B. Gray, D. Scheatzle, J. Cebulak, W. Hopeman

    17B. WOMEN'S 4x
    3 -  L. Krackow, M. Ginter-Frankovich, O. Sobkowiak, C. Hughes

    19A. MIXED 4x
    2 - D. Scheatzle, L. Skinner, A. Grieco, N. Kurzawa
    1 - H. Szweda, J. Hopeman, A. Hong, A. Lyda